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  • i want to see the entirety of the lemmyverse flourish; that includes lemmy.world

    switching my feed to primary instance that doesn’t defederate laid bare to me that there’s a stark fractionalization of the lemmyverse between it and .world that’s getting wider and using humor was my foolish attempt to let a newbie, like i was, know that collective leftism is at the heart of the lemmyverse and if you don’t like diet reddit there’s plenty of other flavors.

    i honestly didn’t think i’d get much of any reaction beyond some up/down votes so “main character” and “other options” feedback are making me regret my approach

  • watch out for your battery.

    i don’t do proxmox; but i do a lot of virtualization through kvm/qemu on my own laptop and the battery can take a beating if you don’t mitigate it somehow. i’ve had this laptop less than 6 months and the battery condition is already at 67%.

    i’m lucky in that i got this laptop from a linux company so i can can order replacement batteries; but most people don’t (willingly) have this luxury anymore.

  • Deep fry them

    The internal heat is causing them to open up so you have to cook the exterior faster than the inside and frying is the only medium that’s immediately hot enough to cook the outside before the inside and keep its temperature consistent when you add in the sticks.

    I’m theory a hot enough convection oven should do the trick as well but it needs to be high quality enough (aka expensive) to recover the lost heat instantaneously.